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THM ,Tubing, Heavy Wall Barrel ,Mechanical Anchor Pump

API-TH(B)M,Tubing, Heavy Wall Barrel ,Mechanical Anchor Pump
Working principle:The pump barrel assembly of the THM tubing pump connected on the tubing string,and with its down to the bottom of the well.Plunger assembly connected on the sucker rod string and with it down to the pump barrel position in the well,then with it do up and down reciprocating motion, so as to realize the production process.
THM advantage: In the process of production, when traveling valve and standing valve appear  problems,we can pull the traveling valve and standing valve out the well through the sucker rod string, plungerand the puller ,instead of pull the whole pump and tubing string out of the well, reduce the labor intensity of operation, reduce the operation cost.
Main parts process and material:
Pump barrel: plain carbon steel plating (A1), ordinary carbon steel carbonitriding (B1), ordinary carbon steel carburizing (B2), low alloy steel nitride (B5).
Plunger: 1045 steel spraying (B1), 1045 steel spraying (B2), 1045 steel chrome plating (A1), 1045 steel double chrome plating (A2).
Valve ball and seat: stainless steel (A1), cobalt chromium (B2), tungsten carbide (C1), nickel and carbon compounds (C2), titanium carbide (C3).
Other accessories: plain carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, brass and other materials.
Technical parameter list:

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